Pastor Charles Jenkins and Inspired People Ink Distribution Deal With EMI Gospel

 The posts I’ve done on him continue to be the most popular posts here on I CHOOSE GOSPEL!  Check out the new news I CHOOSE GOSPEL received on Pastor Charles Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago Live!

 GRAMMY® Award-winning songwriter Pastor Charles Jenkins and Inspired People record label sign an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement with EMI Gospel/EMI Christian Music Group.  Pastor Charles Jenkins Presents Fellowship Chicago Live’s debut project, The Best of Both Worlds will be in stores and available online everywhere on June 12. Jenkins, the senior pastor of the legendary Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, is a dynamic, inspirational and visionary religious and community leader.  Since taking the helm at Fellowship as senior pastor almost twelve years ago, at age 24, succeeding Reverend Clay Evans, Jenkins has more than quadrupled weekend attendance at services (now over 8,000 members), and created a variety of life changing programs and services for children, youth, and adults within the church and in the community.

With the production and release of this CD as well as future releases, Jenkins continues a long musical tradition at Fellowship, which released 25 albums under the leadership of Jenkins’ predecessor, Reverend Clay Evans. “We are excited about our [Inspired People] new partnership with EMI,” says Pastor Jenkins. “The new deal will allow us to expand our global message, and spread the word of God through multiple media platforms. Inspired People’s mission is music with a movement for God and for good.”

“Once in a while a song comes along that is already familiar the first time you hear it,” says Larry Blackwell, Vice President and General Manager of EMI Gospel. “Pastor Charles Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago Live have delivered that type of song with ‘Awesome.’ It’s simple worship, an anthem for the church. EMI Gospel is excited to partner with Pastor Jenkins and Inspired People to take this offering and help write a new chapter in the legendary Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church’s musical ministry.”

As part of the distribution deal, Pastor Jenkins will lead the way for gospel music to enter into the digital age by utilizing download card technology offered through Digi-Cards Midwest/NuFace Entertainment.

Jenkins’ new praise and worship anthem, “Awesome” is #11 this week on Billboard’s Hot Gospel Songs chart.  “Awesome” has a memorable melody and powerful message that is earning praise from radio programmers/announcers, church leaders and supporters all across the country. “It is a rarity that a new song skyrockets in its first research in the Top 10,” says Elroy Smith, Inspirational Format Director and Operations Manager of Praise 103.9 in Philadelphia. “‘Awesome’ and Pastor Charles Jenkins have fallen into this category at 103.9 Praise and it is #1 at “103.9-The Light-in Raleigh. This song is on the right track to become a classic inspirational song and that’s AWESOME.”

“Awesome” is available on iTunes and other key online music outlets. In addition, numerous retailers are receiving calls about purchasing product.  “We have been bombarded with calls about the single and album,” says Darryl King of Sound of Market, in Philadelphia, one of the nation’s leading independent music retailers for over 2o years.  “Charles Jenkins is a dynamic preacher, singer and worship leader who has taken the gospel world by storm with his intoxicating and sanctified worship song ‘Awesome.’ The requests for this song by individuals and churches have reached feverish levels among our Gospel customers. ‘Awesome’ is sure to become a staple of Sunday mornings and an instant church classic. The release of the up and coming CD has all the makings of being, AWESOME!”

Congrats to Pastor Charles Jenkins!! I am very happy for them! I pray the best is still to come for Fellowship Chicago! You can catch a Special Interview I had with Pastor Charles Jenkins as well as Watch the Video for “Awesome”.  Follow Pastor Charles Jenkins on Twitter  | Purchase the single “Awesome” on iTunes | Official Website for Fellowship Chicago Music | Official Website for EMI Gospel

 Pastor Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago Live Presents: The Best of Both Worlds will be available online and in stores everywhere June 12, 2012.  Make sure you go out and support this legendary choir!

Pastor Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago Music “Awesome” LYRICS!

 The POST I did a few weeks ago on Pastor Charles Jenkins new song “Awesome” has been I Choose Gospel’s Most Popular Post for almost a month straight!!!! Readership of the blog has grown tremendously! I THANK YOU for your support and for coming to the blog!!! Wow! In the comments a few have asked about lyrics to “Awesome”.  So after googling and not finding them, I decided to help and write them down! I have a feeling that many Choirs and Praise Teams are working on this song!! The lyrics are to the radio edit version, but I believe the full version goes the same, just the hook may be extended a bit.  Enjoy!  THANKS again for supporting I Choose Gospel!!! *Bonus video of “Awesome” after the lyrics, plus check out my Interview with Pastor Charles Jenkins as we talk about the new album and “Awesome”*

Pastor Charles Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago Live Music “Awesome”

Verse 1:

My God is Awesome/He can move mountains/Keep me in the valley/Hide me from the rain

My God is Awesome/Heals me when I’m broken/Strength where I’ve been weakened/

Forever He will reign…(repeat verse 1 again)


My God Is Awesome/Awesome, Awesome, Awesome

My God is Awesome/Awesome, Awesome, Awesome

Verse 2:

My God is Awesome/Savior of the whole world/Giver of Salvation/By His stripes I am healed

My God is Awesome/Today I am forgiven/His grace is why I’m living/Praise His Holy name

Shorten Hook:

My God Is Awesome/Awesome, Awesome, Awesome


He’s Mighty, He’s Mighty, He’s Mighty, He’s Mighty/Awesome…Awesome

He’s Holy, He’s Holy, He’s Holy, He’s Holy/Awesome…Awesome

He’s Great He’s Great, He’s Great, He’s Great/Awesome…Awesome

Deliverer, Deliverer, Deliverer, Deliverer/Awesome…Awesome

Provider, Provider, Provider, Provider/Awesome….Awesome

Protector, Protector, Protector, Protector/Awesome…Awesome

Verse 3:

My God is Awesome/He can move mountains/Keep me in the valley/Hide me from the rain

My God is Awesome/Heals me when I’m broken/Strength where I’ve been weakened

Praise His Holy Name