Joel Osteen New Reality Show?!!?!

Okay so when I heard about Mary Mary getting a new reality show on WeTV in March 2012, I was interested, almost excited. But I just think it’s gone overboard already now that Joel Osteen is getting a show as well! I don’t know, I don’t follow Joel Osteen’s ministry, though I like him and find him adorable.  I’ve never sat and watched an entire service of his on television, I typically change the channel after his joke of the day, to which I do, LOL! But yea, I’m happy for the success he has and for the amazing growth of the ministry, but this show seems overboard and uneccessary to me.

The show will be produced by Mark Burnett (Survivor series) and the premise of the show seems to be different from what I thought it was going to be.  It’s not really about “them”, but more about documenting and showing the churches mission trips but with a slight “twist” on it! I don’t know…go here to read more about what Mark Burnett says about the show! I just don’t see the “excitement or interesting draw” for this show. But, this could be a good thing. I can’t fault the christian community for using all of these various ways to spread the gospel and show the world the more positive sides of being a christian. So my prayers are with the Osteen family and church.  I hope this turns out well for them.  What do YOU think?!