WATCH: Andy Mineo “Ayo” Music Video

andy-mineo-2012-pressI’m so ready for this dudes album!! Reach Records artist Andy Mineo dropped the first single from his upcoming RR debut “Heros For Sale.”  There’s skating, dancing and homies in this Washington Heights back-dropped video.  Get into it! “Ayo” is available for purchase now on all online markets and the album “Heroes For Sale” will drop April 16th!

Winner of the Da Truth-”Love Hope War” Album Giveaway!

lovehopewarHey we have a winner!! First I want to thank everyone who supported in the giveaway.  I was very happy with the response!  So, I picked the winner by copy and pasting the names from the comments on the post, they were numbered, I went to and generated the number and matched it to the name and our winner is……KENYA LAWRENCE!! Congrats darling! You will be receiving your autographed Love Hope War album soon!!

Thank you all for entering! Below are some pictures to show that I didn’t pull any funny business in getting our winner.  I had one person who commented three times, but I only entered them in once, because I didn’t state whether multiple entries would be allowed or not.  So out of the 73 comments received in total (8 were from my responses), we had 65 comments, but taking out the multiple ones, I only allowed 63 to count. was used to generate our winner number and boom there you have it! Thanks again folks! Stay Tuned for more from

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Da T.R.U.T.H. “Love Hope War” Album Give Away Contest!! {CLOSED}

lovehopewarTonight as part of his promo tour for the upcoming release of Love Hope War, Da Truth surprised the audience and told us that we would have the opportunity to purchase his album early, before its January 29th release date.  I scored an autographed copy of the album to give away to one lucky reader of!!

The concert was dope! If you have ever been to a Truth concert then you know what’s up! Pure energy, very inspiring and a ton of fun.  Da Truth is back to kingdom building! I’m loving the sound of the album so far.  So how do you win the copy of the autographed album? Easy, just leave a comment on this post!!  

The Love Hope War contest will close on Jan.29th at 11:59pm PST!!! I will compile all of the names and select a winner!  The winner will receive a free autographed copy of Love Hope War sent straight to them! Just my little way of saying Thank You for supporting!! And stay tuned as I will have pictures and video footage to share as well!! #LoveHopeWar Go!


WATCH: LaToria- “What Is The Reason” Official Music Video

Check out the new music video from LaToria a christian hip hop artist who hails from Dallas, TX.  “What Is The Reason” is directed by Eshon Burgundy and produced in part with Good Look Media. LaToria infuses rap and spoken word and laces it to a melancholic musical track, to tell the story of how she began to dig her way out of a hurtful place and situation she experienced.  What I like about the song and what LaToria offers, is the fact that finally out of desperation she turns to God to find how to truly get the healing she’s been searching for.  I don’t know why often think that God has no place or say in our daily lives and decisions.

Latoria Wilson - picWhen we encounter a hurtful situation or circumstance, we always attempt to self-heal, and fix the situation ourselves, often times being led astray only to find that we are adding to the hurt and pain we are filling. LaToria shows that we try to find our solutions in people, places and things, only to end up destroying something beautiful.  LaToria expresses her thoughts in such a heartfelt way that the listener is fully engaged and can relate to her situation.  She explores an aspect her relationship with Christ, that many of us at times avoid or feel isn’t as important, and finds that although she has many questions for God, He first has a question for her!

Check out “What Is The Reason” Below and let LaToria (@LaToriamusic ) know what you think!

LISTEN: New Music DJ Cho’zyn Boy “I Know” Remix

artistpic5He must of known I was bout to ask him, “Where some more music at homie?!”

DJ Cho’zyn Boy is back with another banger! Check out his latest remix of Lecrae’s “I Know” feat Thi’sl and Robby Jerome.


In his first year stepping behind the turntables DJ Cho’zyn Boy has made some significant waves: #1 Top Mash-Up of 2012 “High Like Crazy” – Wade-O Radio Show;

#1 Remix of 2012 “High Like Crazy” – C1 Radio Show,

#1 Downloaded Dance Song “I’m Good Remix” – NoiseTrade and

#5 Remix in Rapzilla & Reach Records “I’m Good” Remix Competition.

DJ Cho’zyn Boy’s 1st DJ single, “High Like Crazy Remix” w/ Lecrae, Suzy Rock, & Sho Baraka garnered great success reaching over 2,000 downloads within weeks and featured on stations such as Bonnerfide Radio, C1 Radio Show, & #1 syndicated Christian Hip-Hop show Hype Radio. Later winning awards from DJ Wade-O Radio for as the #1 Top Mash Up of 2012, and #1 remix of 2012 by C1 Radio Show.

His debut mixtape “No Turnbuckles”, described as a refreshing diverse blend of hip-hop & house, is slated to release this 2013.  He is also the founder of film company Sparkfire Films. Credits include Thi’sl: “Motivation” Official Music Video, J.R.: “So Hot Productions” Promo Video, Thi’sl: Behind The Scenes of “In The Morning” Video.

For Booking: | Stream Link: | Free Download Link:

LISTEN: New Music- Sho Baraka “Ali [Co-Author ALi]”

sho barakaSho Baraka will drop his next album Talented Xth on January 15th.  I’m ready! I’ve heard some good things about it already.  Check out the latest single “Ali” and if you’re feeling antsy, you can pre-order the album on iTunes!  Also hit up for more info on the Talented Xth Tour!!


Watch: DA. T.R.U.T.H.- “J.I.F.E.” Official Music Video

da-truth-love-hope-warI love the lazy flow TRUTH offers on this track!  Oh I am so ready for Love, Hope War, the sixth studio album slated to be released on January 29, 2013. “JIFE” is the second single to be released from the highly anticipated album.  This go’round, TRUTH drops a visual that you can check out below.  You like?!

Watch: Lecrae feat BIG K.R.I.T & Ashthon Jones- “Mayday” Official Music Video

lecrae1New Lecrae video hit national television this week and to rave reviews, becoming the MTV’s favorite video.  “Mayday” is lifted from Lecrae’s Gravity album available now in stores and on iTunes! The song features mainstream rapper BIG K.R.I.T. and American Idol finalist Ashthon Jones.  I like the video, fits the urgency and somberness of the song and the cry to God for help.  My only critic is that I wish Ashthon wouldn’t have been singing to the camera.  I wanted to stay in the feeling as if I too were in the church with them as a fly on the wall. Directed by Motion Family check out the video for ya self below. What you think?

WLAK- Cypher (Imagine) Official Video

wlakWLAK (We Live As Kings), the latest collab effort from Collision Records.  I swear CHH rappers be stunting on the Rick Ross’, Kayne’s, Wale’s and 2 Chainz of today!  Check out the latest video from Collision Records WLAK ft. Dre’ Murray, Swoope, Alex Faith and Christon Gray.  WLAK is set to release 3-5-13. For more on Collision Records the the WLAK album GO HERE!