Deitrick Haddon Comes Clean On Divorce and More

deitrick-haddonOH! Jesus, Mary and JoJo!!!!!! REALLY??!! It’s like that?!  Well, Deitrick Haddon is no stranger to twitter and facebook rants but this last one, CHILE!! We are coming down from a wonderful Stellar Awards weekend, celebrating MLK, Jr. and  watching an amazing, historical Inauguration of President Barack Obama. Now we catch tea that Deitrick is feeling some kind of way and via his personal facebook page, puts his ex-wife (singer) Damita and Isaac Carree (singer) on blast!! I am all in my feelings right now! Like I’m shocked, saddened, embarrassed, surprised, hurt, ready to fight and all!!  like really, ish done got real in these church aisles!

Y’all take a look at what Deitrick had to say…

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This is a mess! This is certainly going to stir the gospel community and the church up. How do you feel about this? Does Deitrick have some valid points? Was this the right way and timing to “come clean” about the situation?  Are you surprised by anything that you’ve read? I need to fully process this. Before all of this enlightening news, I will say I was…team Damita,, though I still rocked with Deitrick. Cause to be honest, I never got “marriage” vibes from them, for the longest I thought they were brother and sister.  Now…I just don’t know…I am hurt as a fan of all three artists. I hate stuff like this. This HURTS!

Like why?????? UGH!! But this isn’t the first situation we’ve seen like this.  More recently CHH artist DA T.R.U.T.H. and Tye Tribbett went through a very similar situation.  I’ve loved how things have been restored in that situation.  So as we gear up for the storm over Deitrick, Damita and Isaac, I pray for the best, hope for the best resolve and pray for their friends, families and loved ones.  I enjoy each of these artists, I am excited about the new projects they are working on, and just…*le sigh*…we got to do better.  Y’all let me know what you think, I’ll be in my prayer closet! *exits stage left*

Damita To Perform With Yolanda Adams?!

With her album “Anticipation” impacting radio and lives across the US, Damita is coming back to NC!!  On Saturday, September 15th, Damita will take the stage for the WNNL Radio Unity in the Community Outdoor Musical Festival; being held at North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC from 11am -6pm.

Damita is scheduled to appear at 2:30pm at the NCCU Performers Tent.  This will be a special performance as she will be premiering her newest single, “Anticipation (Waiting On U)” from the “Anticipation” album.  It is also said that one of the special guests will be Ms. Yolanda Adams who will share the stage alongside Damita!  Can you imagine the vocal greatness that shall come forth from those two?!!

For More Info on the WNNL Unity in the Community event visit:  To connect with Damita, follow her on Twitter @DamitaHaddon  Damita’s album “Anticipation” is now available in stores and all online markets via Tyscot Music & Entertainment.

Damita Releases Next Single “Anticipation”

Yes, Damita!!! She recently took to her Facebook and asked her fans which single should be next to hit radio.  I along with a few others weighed in our thoughts and she’s chosen the title track of her new album, Anticipation!  This song jams! The production from Fred “Blaze” Crawford and songwriting from Damita are a match perfectly made.

“Anticipation (Waiting 4 U)” is a much needed song for those who are patiently waiting on God and all that He has in store for their lives.
To Anticipate means to look forward to and because we know that God controls all, what He has is worth waiting for.
The word of God clearly speaks a strong message of encouragement to those who wait on the Lord. Isaiah 40:31 says, “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”
Damita’s sweet and serene vocal delivery will definitely help listeners to receive the message that it’s better to wait on God.
The overall song is an encouraging message with a smooth and contemporary music track which musically explains the benefits of waiting on God A few of the lyrics say, God I know You’re real, Your Power I can feel, It’s the Anticipation of You that completely overtakes me, there’s nothing like waiting for you.”

Check out the song below and if you haven’t picked up the album, “Anticipation”, you need to make your way to the nearest Best Buy, Walmart, Target or online market!! This album is super dope and will be a great addition to your collection! Also check out my INTERVIEW with Damita!!



Damita Haddon Heads to Detroit With The Anticipation Tour

For most artists, touring can be exciting as they travel to different places across the country and world.  It’s always great to expand your horizons but many artists will agree that there is no place like home! This statement is true for Damita and Detroit is the place she calls home.

On August 18th, Damita will take the Anticipation Tour to Detroit and perform at the Certified Praise Fest. This event will take place at Chene Park from 12noon-10pm.  Damita is super excited because she will be with family and friends in the musical city of Detroit. Damita’s musical background began in the Motor City as a little girl singing with her twin sister and other family members.  Supporters just may hear a few of Ms. Damita’s earlier hits at the Certified Praise Fest along with new music from Anticipation.  Home is truly where the heart is and for Damita, Detroit spells foundation, music, family, love, friends and more.

Available Now on iTunes-The Anticipation Digital Deluxe Edition which contains 15 tracks and 1 video-“No Looking Back”, which has received close to 1 million views on Youtube.  Anticipation is available in stores and online on Tyscot Music & Entertainment!

We’ve Wondered, Now Deitrick Haddon Speaks About His Marriage To Damita

Well, we no longer are left wondering and making assumptions as last night Urban Gospel artist, Deitrick Haddon, laid to rest all of our thoughts.  He shared that his marriage to Damita is over and has been for some time (via his facebook):

“Many call me a man of God. I say i’m a good man trying to serve a great God the best i can..If i was that powerful of a Man Of God i would still be married 2 Damita. I’m learning to have balance because you can win & lose @ the same time! It’s possible to work so hard & be so driven that u lose everything! I pray that in the future i find the balance of ministry & family! Damita’s doing well & I’m doing fine! Her new cd is amazing. We both are staying true to the call on our lives. Unfortunately not 2gether anymore. I don’t believe in sharing my personal but i think it’s important 4 people to know that in your pursuit of ministry don’t lose family! Don’t be alarmed we’re doing fine. This is very old news for Damita & i but brand new news 2 you. We’re private people! We have moved on! Last i will speak on my personal: Our breakup is NOT recent! It’s been well over a year process. We have both repented & moved on! Damita & i have worked hard in ministry..Blessed many while bleeding ourselves! God is with us both but no longer as a couple!OK…I’m very private about my personal life..You probably won’t get me 2 ever speak on this again unless God make me share.”

I’m sad to hear this, but…yea…I myself have wondered what was going on for the past year and prayed about it, so yea, there it is.  Keep them in prayer as both Deitrick and Damita are still keeping up with hectic music ministries and such.  I recently got a chance to meet and talk with Damita, I so wanted to ask her about the situation, but that was not my place nor would it have been appropriate.  But she seemed okay and was her usual smiling and humble self, plus she’s just really dope peoples!  Deitrick just arrived back from touring Africa (again) and is prepping to promote the DVD release of A Beautiful Soul  and Damita has released her 3rd solo album, Anticipation! So support not only monetarily their projects, but most importantly keep them lifted up in prayer!


Artist Interview | Damita Haddon Talks “Anticipation”

Hey folks! I’m back with another great interview, this time with Damita Haddon.  She’s recently released her 3rd solo project “Anticipation” via Tyscot Records, and with a promo tour stop in North Carolina, I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with her! Check out the video below which includes the interview audio!  Make sure to pick up “Anticipation” in stores and online markets everywhere!

Turn Up The Music: July Releases

Yes, it’s officially summer!! Though we have already had some dope releases for the summer, plenty more are on the way!! I thought June was a hot month for gospel music releases, but honey, get ready cause July is bringing THA HEAT! And as always hit up one of my Favorite Gospel Music sites, for more on upcoming releases and artist info!!

July 3. 2012

1.  Myesha Chaney “Take Him To The World” - Universal Music/EMICMG - I had the great honor to interview Mrs. Chaney for I CHOOSE GOSPEL! I was pleasantly surprised by her first single “I Came To Lift Him Up”.  I’m anxious to hear the rest of this awesome contemporary gospel album from Myesha Chaney! Make sure you get that!

2. Hillsong LIVE “Cornerstone” – Hillsong/EMICMG - One of my Favorite CCM groups!  I have always been a fan and to hear that they will be bringing the Cornerstone Tour to the USA, Dope!!!!

July 10, 2012

1. Amber Bullock “So In Love” -Music World Gospel- You should know that I love my Sunday Besters!!! I had the great opportunity to interview Amber Bullock for I CHOOSE GOSPEL!  Her first single “Lord You’ve Been So Good (La La La)” is constantly running through my mind.  I’m happy and excited to hear from her as Season 5 of BET’s Sunday Best airs July 8th!

July 17, 2012

1. KB “Weight & Glory” – Reach Records- FINALLY!!! I have been waiting on this dudes album since he signed to Reach Records!! I got the mix tape and the singles, but sheesh, July 17th can’t come soon enough.  I love his flow, the lyrics….just his whole swag! (sorry to take it there) I can get pretty speechless about KB and why I like him so much, I just do!

July 24, 2012

1. Damita “Anticipation” – Tyscot Records/Word - The second most important music release date for me.  I’ve been long waiting for another Damita album.  This one is said to be her most personal album to date.  I’m ready.  Don’t sleep on Damita, she’s more than wife to Deitrick Haddon!  She’s done background vocals for er’body! So happy for her and her ministry!

2. Timothy Brindle “The Restoration” – Lamp Mode Recordings- I will admit it’s been a minute since I’ve checked out anything from the Lamp Mode camp, last for me was Shai Linne’s Attributes of God from last year. Timothy Brindle continues what Lamp Mode offers to christian rap.  Pure thoughtful, theological, political, christian rap.  Think Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco and Common and you have a good comparison of what Lamp Mode Recordings offers.  Their artists are nice, dope beats, crazy flow and a powerful message to boot!

July 31, 2012

1.  J. Moss “V4: The Other Side Of Victory” – Verity Records/Provident - Finally!! Lately I’ve had his second single “Good and Bad” stuck in my spirit. This long-awaited release marks yet another wonderful addition to J. Moss’ incredible catalog!  The album was due to release on June 26th, but having it pushed back to July 31st will suffice and all the album to make a huge impact on gospel music sales!  So just hold on a little longer folks we shall soon have a new J. Moss album!

2. Je’kob “Faith EP” – Indie - It’s been a busy year for Je’kob.  From label changes, reuniting The Washington Projects, (whose album Time Space Continuum came out earlier this year) to prepping to release his latest solo effort.  I enjoyed his Minor Setbacks For Major Comebacks mix tape, so I’m excited for this EP release.