Video Share | “MOVE (Chasing After You)” ft. Jessica Reedy, Jai, Da TRUTH, B. Reith, Ambassador, Sean Simmons and DJ Mal-Ski

Yo! The song is super dope and now the artist who brought us Move Tour 2012, give us a visual for the theme song “MOVE (Chasing After You).”  B. Reith, Jessica Reedy, Jai, Da TRUTH, Ambassador, Sean Simmonds and DJ Mal-Ski have put together the MOVE Compilation CD that will be available August 28th.  Make sure to support!

Music Share | Move Tour Official Song “Move (Chasing After You)”

Yes!! Check out the official Move Tour Theme Song, “Move (Chasing After You)” ft. Jessica Reedy, Jai, DA Truth, The Ambassador, B. Reith, Sean Simmonds and DJ Mal-Ski.  Great diversity, great flow from rapper to singers, great flow!  If this is just a taste of what we will get on the MOVE TOUR, I can’t WAIT to go!! (as I already have my tickets)

Check out the track below and get your tickets, don’t miss this awesome tour and MOVE of God!!!

Move Tour Releases Cities and Dates!!

I was tweeted this wonderful information yesterday! The MOVE Tour is official and has released dates and cities, tickets are available now for purchase!  I will be hitting up the NC shows and I can’t wait!!!! I mean Jessica Reedy, DA Truth, Ambassador and More!! I’m too stoked!!! Check the official details HERE! Lets get ready to MOVE with God!!

B. Reith and Mali Music- The Synergy Tour

 I just seen a tweet come across my timeline and it has me all kinds of excited!  Still in the infant stages, The Synergy Tour is set to come to a city near you this fall and I’m ready!! I missed out on both B. Reith and Mali Music when they were apart of the Xist Music Misfits Tour.  B. Reith dropped his latest album “How The Story Ends,” in November of  2011 (that I just purchased), and I also got to watch him perform at the Bonnerfide Radio “The Live Experience” Anniversary party.  I’ve been a low-key fan of B. Reith and seeing him perform and rocking out to his album lately has been an amazing experience.

Of course we are all ANXIOUSLY waiting for Mali Music!  After grasping the attention of millions at last years BET Awards Music Matters showcase, signing with Akon (management deal) and releasing an awesome single and music video (The Job Experience) on BET’s 106 and Park, I am beside myself with excitement for his next album release “Mali Is.”  Still no word of a release date, but with this new tour, it can’t be much longer.  I will keep my eye posted on The Synergy Tour website and keep you guys informed of dates and cities as they become available.  This will be a wonderful and awesome tour, so start getting your coins ready!!