Deitrick Haddon Comes Clean On Divorce and More

deitrick-haddonOH! Jesus, Mary and JoJo!!!!!! REALLY??!! It’s like that?!  Well, Deitrick Haddon is no stranger to twitter and facebook rants but this last one, CHILE!! We are coming down from a wonderful Stellar Awards weekend, celebrating MLK, Jr. and  watching an amazing, historical Inauguration of President Barack Obama. Now we catch tea that Deitrick is feeling some kind of way and via his personal facebook page, puts his ex-wife (singer) Damita and Isaac Carree (singer) on blast!! I am all in my feelings right now! Like I’m shocked, saddened, embarrassed, surprised, hurt, ready to fight and all!!  like really, ish done got real in these church aisles!

Y’all take a look at what Deitrick had to say…

photo 1photo 2 photo 3

photo 4

photo 5photo

This is a mess! This is certainly going to stir the gospel community and the church up. How do you feel about this? Does Deitrick have some valid points? Was this the right way and timing to “come clean” about the situation?  Are you surprised by anything that you’ve read? I need to fully process this. Before all of this enlightening news, I will say I was…team Damita,, though I still rocked with Deitrick. Cause to be honest, I never got “marriage” vibes from them, for the longest I thought they were brother and sister.  Now…I just don’t know…I am hurt as a fan of all three artists. I hate stuff like this. This HURTS!

Like why?????? UGH!! But this isn’t the first situation we’ve seen like this.  More recently CHH artist DA T.R.U.T.H. and Tye Tribbett went through a very similar situation.  I’ve loved how things have been restored in that situation.  So as we gear up for the storm over Deitrick, Damita and Isaac, I pray for the best, hope for the best resolve and pray for their friends, families and loved ones.  I enjoy each of these artists, I am excited about the new projects they are working on, and just…*le sigh*…we got to do better.  Y’all let me know what you think, I’ll be in my prayer closet! *exits stage left*

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6 thoughts on “Deitrick Haddon Comes Clean On Divorce and More

  1. Guuurrrrlllll this is crazy!! I don’t even know what to say right now but wow! I wasn’t sure what was going on with Deitrick and Damita but it has been all quiet on the western front with them for a while before they even broke up so the only one who knows what really happened is them and the Lord. I thought the same thing about TRUTH and Tye which has been covered in the blood and moved on from so I hope the same thing can happen here. I know that it did have to be aired at some point but Facebook isn’t really the way I would have done it. I think that he is right to stand up for his new family but Facebook makes it seem way more messy than it needs to be

  2. You know what… I don’t blame Deitrick. Had this been Damita’s rant everyone would be having roasted Deitrick for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He would be the proverbial “Dog” and “Cheater” that everyone assumed he was when the news of divorce broke. Why? Great question. Because we always assume the man was the “dog”… I applaud him. Everyone was treating him like he was guilty anyway. W was accused of leaving his wife for his new boo and that added insult to injury. Like any scorned woman wood, he set the record straight! Damita left that marriage first. And who is anyone to determine what mode one should utilize to express themselves. I bet he feels better tho. Now, it’s time for those affected to mend their own peaces.

  3. God said don’t covet anything of your neighbors.It seems to me somebody did some coveting,but it takes two to tangle.In the first place if she had any respect for God,her marriage,her husband,or herself even then this wouldn’t have happened.Same goes to Issac.God said to keep the marriage bed pure,she didn’t do that.I wish them all the best,I hope Deitrick finds happened.

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