LISTEN: Drew Chambers- “Consume This Heart”

Okay so I’ve been into Drew Chambers for a while now.  This vocalist was on YouTube doing like most YouTube singers do.  It was his Rihanna “Russian Roulette” cover that first hooked me! I couldn’t believe the voice that was coming from this baby-faced white boy (really that’s what I thought)!


Long story short, Drew Chambers won a contest on YouTube from another famous YouTube singer, and he blew up!! This dude has tone for days! I love his voice.  I am so proud of him, because it’s like I’ve watched him grow and blossom into this wonderful artist. The really cool thing is that he’s still in the beginning stages! He’s covered Cece Winans “Concerned” and has long left me wanting more gospel music from him (though I love almost everything else he does and I have downloaded and enjoy his mixtape The Game Changer)! Drew Chambers gives me my wish with his latest song “Consume This Heart.”

With so much passion and emotion, Drew sings his yearning for God to not only fill his heart, but rather restore that zeal we first have when we get saved.  I love the humbleness Drew exposes.  His falsetto showing the vulnerability of one who seems lost, almost detached from God, but crying with desperation of wanting to be taken back by God! And the pulsating urgency of needing to be made whole and complete in Christ.  I love this song!  “Consume This Heart” is Drew’s first original track available for purchase on iTunes.  Drew Chamber’s is the unpolished Colton Dixon (American Idol season 11 finalist).  More humility, more relatable and more engaging and genuine, without it being forced.  Drew drives “Consume This Heart” to your soul and speaks on your behalf.  Check out a clip of the song below and for the full track head on over to iTunes to download it!

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