Tyler Perry, Madea, Angela and Marcus…

Seems not even a fire can slow Tyler Perry down these days.  Tyler just announced via his Facebook Fan Page that new things are in the works for the Tyler Perry Studios:

“Couple of things. The DVD taping for Madea Gets A Job will be June 6-7, and The Haves And The Have Nots DVD taping is June 8-9. Tickets are only $27, so come hang with me :-). The plays are… in Atlanta at the Cobb Energy Center.”  

Also Tyler has yet  another film coming to the big screen:  Madeas Witness Protection- Yea another Madea film, though I’m excited to see Tyler spread his wings beyond the black actors pool again, I’m just not sure if THIS particular Madea film is going to…be as good as The Family That Preys (you know that’s his best film to date).  Eh, we shall see!

And finally “For Better or Worse” returns to TBS July 13, 2012.  This time it’s said that TBS ordered 35 episodes of the show….yeeeaaa…okay well.  So there you have it! Support Tyler Perry in all that he is doing, if you choose to.  As for me, I’m looking forward to the stage plays and seeing where For Better or Worse goes.


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