Music Share || Lecrae “Church Clothes”

So earlier today, word spread on Twitter that Lecrae had a single from his anticipated mixtape “Church Clothes” leaked! Well I don’t know if it was leaked or released, but after shuffling through a mass of snippets and folks claiming to have the full version only for it to end up being some up-and-coming rappers remix *insert side-eye* I finally landed on an original version that is also available as a free download. So after hearing this song, I am so ready for the mixtape!! Lecrae announced that the full mixtape will be available on May 10th and also that his full length album “Gravity” will be released sometime Fall 2012.  He says that this mixtape is aimed at the non-believer and has a more raw and authentic hip hop feel to it.  The title track “Church Clothes” is produced by Wit whose production credits read like a book (Dre Murray,  KJ52, Swoope, Thi’sl, Viktory, theBREAX, Pastor AD3 and many more).

Here in “Church Clothes” Lecrae takes on a character who is really letting the church have it.  I mean he is really going in! He is pointing out all of the churches flaws, that is normally hidden within the walls of the church.  I believe that at first listen, many believers will be offended or have a “No he didn’t!” feel towards it and it will seem like it’s 1 point for the non-believers; but you have to keep listening!  As this character is yanking the rug out from underneath the church, towards the end there is a switch up, that left me laughing!  In the end the real winner is Christ! I love Lecrae’s creativeness.  If this track is a representation of what is to come, May 10th can’t get here soon enough!  Via you can listen to the track below as well as download it! Let me know what you think.

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  1. I agree with your review. Review Master.

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