Video Share || KJ-52 “They Like Me” ft. Lecrae

I’ve always wondered why more black kids weren’t into christian rap.  But I may have just gotten a little bit of an answer from the latest track by KJ-52!   KJ-52 returns with a new album “Dangerous” available now in stores and online.  The new single “They Like Me”, featuring christian raps new spokesman Lecrae, created a tune to address a few questions about christianity, race and hip hop.  Lecrae is up first and his verse kills! I don’t do black music, I don’t do white music/I do fight music, unified in Christ music/lets get right to it/hear the music, write to it/from the context of a black kid fighting through it…

KJ-52 puts to rest those crazy thoughts that he’s trying to be someone else, when really he’s just like us a product of where he grew up, yet still not being allowed in or often times criticized for just trying to express himself in a way that many of us do or attempt to do (everybody raps). Check out the video to “They Like Me”.  Dope lyrics and dope beat.  I really like this one, glad to see the two come together get some things off their chests, but still allow the song to be about Christ!

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