Pastor Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago Music “Awesome” LYRICS!

 The POST I did a few weeks ago on Pastor Charles Jenkins new song “Awesome” has been I Choose Gospel’s Most Popular Post for almost a month straight!!!! Readership of the blog has grown tremendously! I THANK YOU for your support and for coming to the blog!!! Wow! In the comments a few have asked about lyrics to “Awesome”.  So after googling and not finding them, I decided to help and write them down! I have a feeling that many Choirs and Praise Teams are working on this song!! The lyrics are to the radio edit version, but I believe the full version goes the same, just the hook may be extended a bit.  Enjoy!  THANKS again for supporting I Choose Gospel!!! *Bonus video of “Awesome” after the lyrics, plus check out my Interview with Pastor Charles Jenkins as we talk about the new album and “Awesome”*

Pastor Charles Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago Live Music “Awesome”

Verse 1:

My God is Awesome/He can move mountains/Keep me in the valley/Hide me from the rain

My God is Awesome/Heals me when I’m broken/Strength where I’ve been weakened/

Forever He will reign…(repeat verse 1 again)


My God Is Awesome/Awesome, Awesome, Awesome

My God is Awesome/Awesome, Awesome, Awesome

Verse 2:

My God is Awesome/Savior of the whole world/Giver of Salvation/By His stripes I am healed

My God is Awesome/Today I am forgiven/His grace is why I’m living/Praise His Holy name

Shorten Hook:

My God Is Awesome/Awesome, Awesome, Awesome


He’s Mighty, He’s Mighty, He’s Mighty, He’s Mighty/Awesome…Awesome

He’s Holy, He’s Holy, He’s Holy, He’s Holy/Awesome…Awesome

He’s Great He’s Great, He’s Great, He’s Great/Awesome…Awesome

Deliverer, Deliverer, Deliverer, Deliverer/Awesome…Awesome

Provider, Provider, Provider, Provider/Awesome….Awesome

Protector, Protector, Protector, Protector/Awesome…Awesome

Verse 3:

My God is Awesome/He can move mountains/Keep me in the valley/Hide me from the rain

My God is Awesome/Heals me when I’m broken/Strength where I’ve been weakened

Praise His Holy Name

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103 thoughts on “Pastor Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago Music “Awesome” LYRICS!

  1. When I heard this song “Awesome” I was in my car with my five year old grandson who was sitting in the back seat. I started singing it and he begin singing along also. I retreaved the information of who was singing the song and I went to Utube on the internet and I have been listening to it all weekend. I want you to know that this song is so true and it really ministered to me. Thank you for putting the truth to music.

  2. The first time i heard this song i had to pull over and give God some praise. At the end of the song i just sat and cried and Thanked God for his many blessing. Awesome

  3. This song lifts my spirit and puts me in a worship mode every time I hear it. I cannot stop listening to this song. Whenever and where ever I am and hear this song I have to stop doing what I am doing and begin singing and worshiping.

  4. I love,love,love,the might and the spirit in the deliverance of this song…God has all of these attributes,and more…He is Awesome…people all over will be chanting this in their spirits…Hallelujah!!!

  5. Awesome God, awesome song!

  6. This song is beautiful to the glory of GOD the father, what a worship, thank you Pastor Jenkins

  7. best song ever – so moving – can’t stop singing and praising when I hear this one – awesome …awesome…. I’ll say it again awesome – Amen!

  8. Sang this in church today. Where do I buy it?, I don’t use itunes.

    • right now, itunes is the only place i know where you can purchase the song. if i find something else out though, i’ll email you! thanks for stopping by!

  9. This the first time I ever send a blog, but i just wanted let you know, This is a great song, I love the power and the anointing of it. This song will be up there with the greatest praise song in music. If you really know who God is you can’t do any else, but Praise His Holy Name. Thank You

  10. I love this song! i cant stip listening to it. my God is awesome. and he deserves all the praise. to God be the glory. i am 13 years old and i love gospel music. maybe one day we can make a song together pastor jenkins. thanks for blessing us with this song 8-D.

  11. Oh my I heard this song on v103 after Frank Ski inspiriation vitamin. I had tears in my eyes singing this

  12. WOW!! Heard this on Sirius radio my way to work today and was taken to a great place. It set the tone for my whole day – Rev. Jenkins thanks for recognizing and helping us to recognize in song just how Awesome our God is. “My God is Awesome/He can move mountains/Keep me in the valley/Hide me from the rain My God is Awesome/Heals me when I’m broken/Strength where I’ve been weakened/ Forever He will reign!”!!

    Thank you God for being AWESOME!!

    • This song really touch my heart, It leaves me with a great worship to our LORD and SAVIOR. It is great to know that people know who to sing praise to, and to sing them with much humbleness.

  13. excellent writing, excellent choir, excellent content, excellent all the way around, and it gives me the peace that only God can give, when ever im down, this song lifts me up, and if you watch, good things start happening while your praising with it!!!

  14. Praise GOD! This song is Awesome! Some songs just truly minister to you from the first time you hear it and this is one. I’m so excited for my choir to sing it. Thank you Pastor Jenkins for letting the Lord use you to bless him.

  15. I have yet to stop listening to this song since I first heard it this Monday! Wow, I sit at work and keep rewinding this.What an awesome song!!!!

  16. The first time I had heard the song was at a marriage retreat last month. Our praise team sang it and put the words up on the video sreen. It is truly an “awesome” song and HE’S IS AWESOME. Thank you Pastor Charles Jenkins & the fellowship chicago choir for putting out an awesome song. Be Blessed!

  17. The first time I heard this song was today, on my way to work, and it just ministered to my Spirit because my God IS Awesome!!! I was so excited that I googled it when I got to work to find out who was singing it and found this link. I love it and am definitely telling others about it.

  18. When I first heard this song i couldn’t do anything else but give God praise. Yes Our God is awesome

  19. I heard this song Sunday while getting ready for church and fell in love with it immediately!!! I am going to buy it as soon as I get home and play it on the way to work everyday!! This song gives me peace for the rest of the day!! Love It, Love It, Love It!!!

  20. Thank you for singing how Awesome God is. I believe we have bragging rights and the next time someboy talks about my God, I am going to tell them that my God can move mountains, He is Savior of the whole world, and it is only because of His grace that we are still here.

  21. I first heard this song Resurrection sunday while visiting in Chicago. I was struck by how simple, yet powerful and true the message. Praise God!!!

  22. I’m interested in knowing who actually wrote this song……… lyrics and melody. Would that be Pastor Jenkins, as well? Or is someone else credited with writing it? It really is a beautiful, uplifting worship song!

    • Pastor Jenkins did write this song! I have an Interview with him on the blog, Check Under Artist Interviews! He was at the helms of this project. He’s even won a Grammy for writing a song on Israel Houghton’s Back To Africa album!

  23. How do you find this song?

    • It appears that this morning iTunes unknownly to Pastor Charles Jenkins, removed the song from their database (this after it being the most downloaded gospel song for the past month) with no warning or real reason as to why. Pastor Charles Jenkins and his team are working with iTunes to see when the song will be back on for download.

  24. How do you find it on ITUNES?

  25. iTunes only have the ringtone

    • It appears that this morning iTunes unknownly to Pastor Charles Jenkins, removed the song from their database (this after it being the most downloaded gospel song for the past month) with no warning or real reason as to why. His team is now working to get the single back on the database.

  26. I will have to agree with all of the comments that I read,this is a beautiful heart touching song and I echo to GOD be the GLORY.

  27. The first time I heard this song, tears began to well up from the depths of my Inner Man. This song resonated throughout my very being and throughout my car. I just wanted to pull on the side and just dance before the Lord. All I could do is raise my hand and give Him Praise, Glory, Honour, and with a Grateful Heart, Thank Him for being my Covenant Father. He is Awesome, my Provider, my Protector, my Refuge and Fortress, my Healer, my Strengthener. Thank you Sir for bringing us in the very Presence of the Master every time this song is played. Continue being a Vessel He can flow through. May the Precious Blood of Jesus cover you.

  28. This music bring me an unexplainable peace when i listen to it.He is inspired and full of the holy ghost.

  29. When i first heard this song I was so amazed at the words and it just made me think about what Pastor Jenkins was writing and singing about. I feel that this song was ment for me. Pastor Jenkins I think you so much for writting this song. May God continue to bless you.

  30. I listen to this song every time , am obsessed with it , it like it shows us what kind of God we serve.A perfect and timeless song , it renews my faith ever day and makes me stronger.

    He should make more inspiring songs like this to bless God people all the time.

  31. God himself gave Jenkins this song to minister unto us !!! Perfect.

  32. ANNIE
    MAY 11,2012


  34. This song will be the next number one When I heard it, it’s like I knew what was coming next. The words just fell in place. This is an awesome song for an Awesome God. Thank you Jesus

  35. I love this song. One thing I am a little confused about is what Pastor Jenkins means when he says ” keep me in the valley”. The valley is a low point, a place of adversity. I don’t want to be kept in the valley. This is the only part in the song that does not fit!

    • haha!!! you’re not the only one, actually he means, God keeps us when we go through the valley!

    • Hi Hans,
      I believe what Pastor Jenkins is saying is that, even in that low state of trials and adversity, GOD is still there to keep us in perfect peace even when everything around us is falling apart. It is in the valley that we truly learn to see how awesome GOD is in our lives. Remember what David said in Psalm 23:4 “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

  36. WOW!!! What a blessing. I can’t stop listening to this song. if ever a time we need to know just how AWESOME God is, it’s now. Whatever we are going through, it is refreshing to know that we serve an AWESOME GOD who cares about all aspect of our lives. Great praise and worship song.


  38. This song is anointed by GOD. Heard it for the first time at my church last night and it ministered to everyone in the sanctuary, down to the children. I heard the lord speak that he was sending healing as this song played. It truly shifted the atmosphere! Our God is Awesome.

  39. I’m figting cancer but to know my GOD is AWESOME is more than enough letting me know I win

    • Hi Bro. Charles, GOD is a healer and as you STAND on his promises that through the stripes laid on HIS son JESUS you are healed, because “Healing is the children’s bread”. GOD is indeed awesome and He”s an AWESOME HEALER. My prayers are with you, for you and your family.

  40. Hallelujah!!! He is indeed. He delivers, he provides, he gives favour. Wonderful, miraculous, mighty oooooh. Wonderful song. Saviour, chief cornerstone, my EVERYTHING!!! Great song for worship!

  41. This song is simply annointed!. I am blessed each and everytime I hear it. Ministry goes forth each time this song is heard. Our God is that AWESOME!

  42. This is a truly amazing song that brought me through a rough time. I give all the glory and praise to my Awesome God.

  43. God is Awesome. This song is a great worship song. We all need to get into Worship & Praise. For God is truly worthy to be praised.

  44. This song just brings you into the presence of God. The words and music both provoke praise and worship. My granddaughter Jamileia sings along in the car and when we are parked she says play it again. She is six years old and tells me that song is stuck in her head. God is truly awesome and forever a Holy God.

  45. Indeed Our God is awesome.Feel blessed whenever i heard this song.god bless u Pastor c. Jenkins.

  46. This song refreshes my soul. Bless God for His inspiration through you pastor. Stay available to Him

  47. God bless you for this song. The lyrics really brings to the mind how awesome our God is. And i must say your choir is splendid. They delivered the song with such an aura thats get you into the mood of worship. God bless you Pastor and your choir

  48. Thank you Pastor Charles Jenkins for this Song.

  49. I was on my way to work when i heard this song, just listening to it just gave me hope and strenght that no matter what troubles your going thru his by yourside helping thru the pain… i love it had to download it so i can listen to it when ever…..My God Is Awesome

  50. You’ve got to give this song a chance! It totally rocks! Praise God for the message from a strong believer!

  51. The first time i heard this song i got up and praised his holy name this song really mean alot to and im only 13 years old thank you pasterjenkins for writing this song

  52. What a worship and powerful song. Ive been blessed by this song today. I heard it in my son’s car. Thank you

  53. i love this song i listen to this all the time i sang it in choir

  54. I really enjoyed this song…first heard it in my car and my fiance and I started harmonizing over this song….It’s a true testiment on how awesome God is…and after seeing the lyrics…I am true believer of the awesomeness of God’s goodness…

  55. He truly is AWESOME! Love the song and the message.

  56. Pastor Jenkins, When I first heard this song, I too wanted to pull over to the side of the road in my car and just listen. I love this song and I listen to it over and over once I found it in Walmart. It is truly a blessing and May God continue to bless you for bringing us this wonderful message. My God is truly Awesome.

  57. A friend in the office asked me to listen to this song via her phone yesterday. I was struck with goose pimples and for a while could not stand up from my desk after listening. Why? The song stirred up a Holy Spirit filled worship in me, ministered straight to my heart, and captured the essence of who Our God is to me and everything other child of His. Pastor Charles, I pray that God will continue to keep you as a vessel of honour for Himself and we’ll meet in heaven to continue in His praise. God bless you and the choir.

  58. A friend in the office asked me to listen to this song via her phone yesterday. I was struck with goose pimples and for a while could not stand up from my desk after listening. Why? The song stirred up a Holy Spirit filled worship in me, ministered straight to my heart, and captured the essence of who Our God is to me and
    everything other child of His. Pastor Charles, I pray that God will continue to keep
    you as a vessel of honour for Himself and we’ll meet in heaven to continue in His
    praise. God bless you and the choir. Our God is Awesome!

  59. I heard this song on my way home from work last night. Moved me to joyful tears! Had to look it up and buy it today. Thank you for stirring up my faith so beautifully, and God continue to bless you!

  60. Powerful. Song Pastor Jenkins

  61. I love the song. But do you where I can download it as a song instead of a ringtone on iTunes?

  62. These guys covered it and blew it away. The lead is so great! Like a young Alvin Slaughter.

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  64. Love this songcuzmy God is awesome

  65. I am overwhelmed with such a wonderful combination and love to listen to it anytime, hour,and at any day. may God widen your knowledge to greater than this. stay blessed, pastor.

  66. This song has bless my heart I sing it every day it has in courage me to praise God every day. Thank u pastor Charles may God continue to bless u

  67. I loooooooove this song! My God is So Awesome! When I lost my first baby named Caiden Billups on 10-10-12 I thought that I was going to loose my mind, but I had plenty of family, friends, & strangers who supported me during this trial that I’m going thru. My cousin gave me this Cd with a whole bunch of mixed songs and This is my first time hearing the song Awesome! I just cried when I first heard it because my God is Awesome because he heals me when I’m broken and strengthens me when I am Weakend! Thank you Jesus!

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  69. There are some pieces of music that just’strike a chord’ with me. Some the first time I hear it ,some have to grow on me.This piece inspires,humbles and most important praises and worships God from the heart,…..It is not just one of those hymns we sing on Sunday night individually just to be heard or to get the attention from churchpeople…..It is sung wholeheartedly to Our Lord and Savior,praising and worshiping God for who He is……Thank you!

  70. this song truly touched my heart…….it is one of the best songs i have ever heard….truly MU GOD IS AWESOME….NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES….all glory and go to Hi alone…wonderfully composed…

  71. i love this song. my church choir performed it lastnight and it’s “AWESOME!!”

  72. This song is awesome. i almost cry every time i hear it because when you think of how good God really is, and all He do in our lives, you can’t help but get happy. he is so awesome.

  73. D first day i hrd dis song i dnt think av had such uction b4.dis song is actually true 4 me i also pray it is true 4 u 2

  74. You are so blessed SIR,tankz 4 dis wonderful song tanks be 2 GOD 4 d knowledge HE give you 2 write dis beautiful song,grate back up,you all are blessed

  75. I felt like I was lifted, I hear this song every morning. This song is saying something to me, every word in this song is or was me. thank you god for waking me

  76. Sir, this kind of song is only gotten from the spirit and it has blessed my spirit, soul and body. Infact am using it 4 my music concert this sunday. God bless u sir.

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  79. My God is awesome,been listening to it all day,went to bed listening to it,woke up listening to it.quite inspiritational….

  80. What an inspiration, God bless you my brother for the wonderful blessing you have been to others through this song. AWESOME indeed

  81. thank u pr 4 releasing da song for the whole wold to gonna hav it 4 my ringtone. really god is awesome.bless you abdntl

  82. Pastor jenkins a blessing in the body of christ in honoring God name. The lyrics were all correct, more kudos!

  83. It was Sunday morning and I was home feeling down and out and I went on the internet searching for gospel song and I found pastor Jenkins collection,in particular Awesome which minister to me. I played it over and over and sang along and worshiped, believe me my miracle happen.I am now trying to download it to my phone so I can have to listen daily> Indeed God is a awesome God

  84. a sister in our church sings the ‘awesome tune once in a while and it is AWESOME. Our church is in the country and does not have a choir. Individuals get up in pulpit and sing during worship for some reason and no choir……….well anyhow when this sister sings ‘awesome’ I feel like I am in the presence of the Holy Ghost, even if the three piece church band sounds like ‘country’ on every tune.

  85. Wow… This song “awesome” d first tym i heard it,it ministered to me to the point i started crying. God is awesome indeed. Thanks alot pastor for this song.

  86. Last sunday morning, we had ministered this song at family tabernacle of praise a church in Haiti, let me tell you Pastor, God did tremendous things in that day: healing, restoration, prophecies. Holy Spirit moved in this place. It was just wow! God bless exceedingly your ministry and family! This song was inspired!

  87. I was in a bad mood When I heard this song. I was indeed comforted. Then I remembered that my God is Awesome.. Keep it up.

  88. I was blessed when I heard this some and even more when I sing it .Thanks alot for dis wonderful song because truely God is so Awesome

  89. Wow…dis song has been a blessing to my life,i pray GOD increase you sir.

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