Pastor Charles Jenkins “Awesome” New Music

My local radio DJ, Melanie Clark tweeted a few weeks ago about how folks kept calling into the station to request this certain song. She then announced that on their website you could download it for free.  So song unheard by myself I set out to download the song.  I let it sit on my iTunes list for a while for a few days. Later, when I actually heard it for the first time on the radio, I was immediately hooked!! Pastor Charles Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago Music bring us their new single entitled “Awesome”.  This praise anthem is going to be huge, like “Nobody Greater”, “Never Would Have Made It”, “I Give Myself Away” HUGE!!! It’s already gaining great momentum, and folks if you haven’t heard this song or haven’t gotten the free download*UPDATE 3.19.12: The song is no longer available as a free download, but can by purchased on iTunes*

It’s always the simple but right on time songs that seem to capture us and propel an artist.  I’m new to Pastor Charles and I know that they have other songs and music, so I’ll be doing my research. But you must check out this song “Awesome”.  Get it on iTunes!! #SupportGospelMusic *Update 3.23.12 Lyrics To “Awesome” Posted HERE!*

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36 thoughts on “Pastor Charles Jenkins “Awesome” New Music

  1. Hello,

    I was a tring to find the words to “Awesome” on the web.

    Thanks u

  2. Where can I find the lyrics to Awesome?

  3. Love Love Love this song!!!!!! God IS AWESOME! :)

  4. I can listen to this song over and over and over again…whether at work, home or in the car…very uplifting….a “feel good” song….

  5. Where can I get the cd?

  6. CD or song “Awesome”?

  7. the song is great however ,i’m having a very hard time trying to download itune to buy the song amazon is very easy to buy song i have been trying for two day

  8. is this on CD or only available via iTunes?.

  9. I have already been blessed by this Great song!!! Im a musician and have been looking fir new praise and worship songs but was sruggling and ready to take a break!!! But look at God step in and work his mighty works by sending Minister Charles Jenkins and this song to minister to me… Now im refreshed and ready… I truelly thank God for this song

  10. will u please post the lyrics to awsome

  11. Hello Tasha, I wasn’t able to download this song from itunes on my computer. Do you have Cds for sale? I must have this song. It brought tears to my eyes. Can I get it any other way? Please help me.

  12. Thank God for this blessing….I’m looking for the CD too. God bless you Pastor Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago.

  13. I love this song and already purchased it but is there a way to purchase chords for this song?

  14. This song literally gives me chills every time i hear it. It speaks when things in my life is bad and even when it’s great. Love, love ,love it…

  15. I absolutely love this song! It fills my heart with so much joy

  16. This is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. Love it.


  18. the first time i heard this song and the words i was bless

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  20. Would you explain the meaning of the first line of the song Awesome?
    He can move mountains, keep me in the valley,hide me from the rain

    • God can move mountains! Those big things in our lives that try to block us. He keeps us in the valley, those low points and dry times in our lives. Hide me from the rain, God will shield and protect you! Shelter you from harm!

  21. Is there someone that play black gospel music on the piano or organ for $1.00 that can be downloaded?

  22. My name is Tim Washington. KingTim111 was my stage name back in the day. I was with a group called the fatback band. I made the very first rap record ever on wax. Google it. King Tim 111, or just…kingtim. I have some great songs that Im sure you’ll be interested in.

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